• Mansell's 1994 Comeback by Ibrar Malik

    Posted by Andrew Smith

    Nigel Mansell easily won the 1992 F1 World Championship and then in a shock move, switched to Indycar for 1993. He won that as well.
    So why did he return to F1 in 94? Ibrar Malik investigates. 


  • NEW Hesketh Racing Chronograph Watch

    Posted by Andrew Smith

    NEW Hesketh Racing Chronograph Watch

    NEW Hesketh Racing Chronograph Watch

  • F1 slapstick with Johnny Herbert (from 1998) - Sauber F1 Team

    Posted by Andrew Smith

    I don't know what Liberty Media are going on about. It seems Grid Girls have inspired a plethora of female talent to get involved with F1.


  • The GREATEST F1 Barn Find of ALL TIME...almost!

    Posted by Andrew Smith

    The greatest Barn Find of ALL TIME - Benetton

    Who wouldn’t love to have one of these in their garage?

    Now and then we get word of a barn find that raises the eyebrows.
    But this week these images popped up showing a barn find that is truly gobsmacking!
    The cars uncovered included examples from a number of manufacturers, such as a 1995 Benetton B195.

  • A Brief History of Hesketh Racing

    Posted by Andrew Smith

    Lord Hesketh Le Patron

    There is no better example of an ‘Against all odds’ story than the 1974 Hesketh Racing Formula 1 team.

    With the maverick James Hunt at the wheel of the fabled Hesketh 308 F1 car and the extravagant, 23 year old Lord Hesketh at the helm,
    ‘The biggest little racing team in the world’, captured the public’s imagination.