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We at have been fortunate enough to feature in The Guardian Online, in the Sport/Christmas sports gift guide. The article was written by  and featured some of our T shirts designs and Prints. Most notably the Hesketh Racing T Shirt and its story. 


Petrol heads underwhelmed by modern Formula One fashion will delight in the range of recreated classics at Its T-shirts are handmade and printed beautifully to celebrate a remarkable range of lost gems, from Wolf to Ligier via March and Matra. The Leyland-Williams design commemorating their 1980 championship with Alan Jones is a piece of real beauty. It also does a fine line in classic prints, including a glorious one from Monaco 1965. It owns the Hesketh brand, forever associated with James Hunt and its teddy bear logo adorns many items – and is a striking blast from the past. Appropriately for Hesketh, it does a beer named after the team too, celebrating Hunt’s win at Zaandvoort in 1975 and brewed by the Silverstone Ale Company.

When ever anyone writes about Hesketh Racing, it is always done so with a warm, fuzzy glow! The name inspires people to think back to a team like no other, a team of mavericks with a Lord at their helm. Despite some setbacks, incredibly with James Hunt at the wheel, they became Grand Prix winners at Zandvoort in 1975 



More significantly James felt that he’d now arrived as a driver.

“I lacked experience leading races, which is why I cocked up a couple of times earlier that year. But for once I didn’t make any mistakes, and after that it became easier.”

James Hunt became world champion the following year and often referred to the 1975 Dutch Grand Prix as the most important race of his career.


We have worked hard at bringing Hesketh back and feel just as warm and fuzzy about it as everyone does. 



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