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A Beautiful Film
26 May 2017 | by 

Wow, what a stunning documentary. The real power of this film is the humanity; As usual the good-naturedness of the humble kiwi is what shines. The real story is not in the historical footage of Bruce McLaren winning race after race, but in the weathered (though still animated and boyish) faces and words of his original crew.

I hate to make comparisons but the obvious ones will be made anyway, and this is obviously a cross between (well the love-child of actually) World's Fastest Indian and Senna. Somehow it exceeds them though...(Again a cliché, my apologies) but if Hollywood tried to write this it would be fanciful; Small town boy from back of nowhere dreams of being a racing car driver and ends up taking on the biggest of the big and winning spectacularly, and along the way creates one of the most successful racing franchises in history... Truly a remarkable story.

And if the end of Senna tugged even slightly at your heart strings, boy this takes a chainsaw to them. It is especially poignant that four of those interviewed, including McLaren's wife, died during the making of the film. I'm not a huge racing fan, nor even a moderate petrol-head but like Senna, this inspired me to get online and find out more, which is what a good documentary should do.

Highly recommended.



The name McLaren is synonymous with motor racing excellence and stands today as a symbol for automotive superiority. Yet what is less known is that the brand was the creation of one young man from New Zealand – a pioneer who followed his dream and who against all odds led a team to greatness and himself to become a motorsport champion and hero. Despite the tragic end to his life, Bruce’s legacy lives on and his vision, passion, and drive to innovate continues to be at the heart of advanced motor engineering to this day. A truly inspirational story of a young boy from humble birth who dared to take on the elite world of motor racing and win.


We love our motorsport, which is why you're here on our website. We share the same passion. Most of us have seen 'Senna' and 'Rush', and more than likely, had a little dab of the eyes with a hanky as the credits rolled.

As motorsport fans, Bruce McLaren needs no introduction. He's right up there with the best of the best. An ingenious, nice bloke who had little notion of quitting...ever! His life was a tremendous rights-of-passage story, worthy of the big screen. I've been waiting eagerly for this movie since 2014 when I first contacted Michael Garlick, the projects original producer who was working with Bruce's wife Patty and daughter Amanda to get the film up and running.

This documentary is totally engrossing. One of, if not the best I've seen. Beautifully edited with fantastic, never-seen-before footage of Mclaren's early life and career.

How does it compare to 'Senna' and 'Rush'?. It's right up there with them. 


Andrew Smith - RetroGP.com Founder


Universal Pictures
Genre: Documentary
Released: 2017

Roger Donaldson (The World's Fastest Indian)

1hr 32 min