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We would like to thank everyone for submitting designs for the Hesketh Racing 50th Anniversary Logo Design Competition.

I am sure that you will agree that a lot of thought and effort has gone into each and every design. We would like to commend each designer for investing your time and energy into the project.

These are the 28 designs that made it through to the final selection. Due to the amount of designs that we received, it has taken us longer to decide which entries will make our Top 3. We are sorry for dragging it out. We hope to make an announcement on Thursday of this week.


2022 will mark 50 years since Lord Hesketh and close friend Bubbles Horsley decided they needed to inject some excitement into their weekends.

Three years later the ‘Underdog Squad’ would be battling it out with Ferrari for line honours at the 1975 Dutch Grand Prix. To get the full incredible story, visit the Hesketh Racing website:

To celebrate the team’s 50th Birthday year we need an Anniversary logo, and we thought that instead of designing it in-house, it would be a smashing idea to turn the task over the you.

The new 50th Hesketh Racing Anniversary logo will appear on the Hesketh Racing website, social media posts, merchandising and as a sticker, on as many cars (racing or otherwise) as possible.

Apart from having the distinction of your design being plastered all over the world for one of the most famous F1 teams in the sport's history, the winner and two runners up will also take away some great prizes.

Hesketh Racing Chronograph Watch, Cap and Classic T Shirt

1st and 2nd RUNNER UPS
Hesketh Racing Cap and Classic T Shirt

More prizes are coming and soon to be announced

Competition Start Date: November 6th 2021

Closing date: January 1st 2022

Winners announced: Monday January 3rd 2022

What must the logo include?
50th or 50
Hesketh Racing
1972 - 2022

….the rest is completely up to you. There is plenty of inspiration out there and you could make a start simply by googling 50th Logo. Here’s a couple of designs from other F1 teams.

To assist you with the core elements, we’ve put together a Hesketh Racing logo sheet which you can download here.


How is the logo going to be used?
As professional designers know, having an idea of how a logo is going to be used is vitally important to successful implementation.

The new 50th Anniversary Hesketh Racing logo needs to be simple enough that it can be reproduced accurately across a broad range of media, including: Embroidery, Screen Printing and Stickers. We would prefer the design to be in a square format (just because it’s easier to balance on things like Caps and Polo Shirts) but if you want to offer a landscape or portrait version please do.

Who can enter?
Anyone. Any age. Any experience.

How shall I send in my design?
If you are emailing your design to us please do so in one of the following formats jpg, png, pdf. Keep files to under 3MB.

If you don’t have access to design software and would prefer to hand draw your entry you could take a photo of your finished design with your phone and email the file to us.




  • Posted On May 13, 2022 by Owen Wright

    Hi, I’ve created logo designs before, so when I see this competition, plus being a fan of the team and James Hunt, I thought I would give it a go. Hope you like my designs! Owen

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